Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and this was the first one that left me a little bitter. Do not worry; it was for other not-so-obvious personal reasons. I’m quite happily single and in the ongoing process of building a decent relationship with myself. Something many of us ignore.

Shuffling through an ocean of Facebook posts, I came across a photo that warmed my chilled and withering heart. Nacho and Alvaro, who were dressed in the photo, posted an adorable candid moment to celebrate their day. I took the liberty of giving the photograph my own dramatic spin in this graphic novel rendition. Dramatic, exciting, electric!

And here we have it, another piece to enter my Woof City collection. It is starting to shape up quite nicely, I must say, and looking forward to find the next model. In the meantime please make sure to check out my store for the full Woof City Collection and more of these two adorable Valentine Bears!

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