ThorgousThis season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race is full of interesting characters. Each one offers and represents something different and unique, despite how polished they are or how soon they are sent sashaying away. Having said that, one that has been really tugging at our heart strings and has managed to stand out during every single challenge with her unique sense of style and humor is Throgy Thor.

Thorgy exudes fun, joy and is really determination to showcase her very best during her time on Drag Race. She is exceptional but relatable both in and out of drag. She looks are fabulous and fierce while still being approachable and someone I would love to get to know. Her talents are far from limited and her drag, to me, feels like no other queen we have ever seen on the show thus far. She offers something fresh, different and special.

I have no doubt in my mind that I will make time to draw more Thorgilicious designs of this phenomenal queen. Two thumbs up for Thorgy!!

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