Rainbow Money ShotA small community on the internet went on an uproar when it was announced that the Deadpool movie is going to be R-Rated. It was quite clear that those complaining had no clue who the character was in the first place. Deadpool’s language, behaviour and personality are all R-Rated, and I for one was very excited to try my hand at a design that is a “little” bit more daring than my usual subject matter.

This comical rendition of My Little Pony’s Princess Celestia and Deadpool is inspired by the ending credits of the movie, where Deadpool is shown “pleasuring” a unicorn until it erupts a rainbow spurting from its horn and paper cash flowing from its bottom.

A hilarious fact about this particular design is that I have not yet found a printer who is willing to share it with its clients. While they loved the design and really wanted to print it, they requested that I changed the unicorn to a generic one not to anger fans, to make Deadpool look like he is riding the unicorn instead of making that “obscene” hand gesture on poor Celestia’s horn and to have a curving plain rainbow coming out of the horn instead of the obvious spout of … whatever that is.

I find it quite ironic that they wanted to censor and G-Rate my R-Rated Deadpool design. Looking back, it really makes me laugh and makes this design even more dear to me.

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