The Invincible Iron BoySome friends of mine popped over last night for an evening of tabletop RPG and just before we sat down for a session White Wolf’s Vampire, Dark Ages, one of them approached me about considering doing some geeky tshirt designs to sell online. He showed me and told me about how he had been buying quite a few Chutulu and Harry Potter themed shirts from this website, and was sure that my work would be featured on such sites.

I have learned to never say no to new opportunities, so I sat down and started brainstorming.

It seems that these sites focus a lot on parodies and mash-ups, so I made a list of different concepts and ideas and finally settled on this one. Classic manga’s Astro Boy mixed with Ironman! I wanted to make a form of comic book cover, inspired by the titles in the first volume of Astro Boy’s manga, but with a retro vintage comic book look instead.

My first t-shirt design, and I’m quite happy with it! I wonder if any of these sites we’ll print it!

Added: has accepted this design and gave me my very first t-shirt print as of November 28th 2012! So exciting!

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