Tao of MeowI have been recently very intrigued by tattoo art. While I do not have the nerve or patience to draw an actual tattoo, I can illustrate something in the same style on a digital canvas. Easier, not nearly as intimidating and definitely painless.

The concept is very simple. Luna and Artemis, having a rest in a yin-yang like position, on a bed of Tuxedo Mask’s roses, with magical broaches, compacts and other items from the Sailor Moon series.

Guardian in the Dream MirrorWhat is special about this design is that it was my very first piece using my Wacom Cintiq, saying goodbye to starting and finishing designs only with mouse and keyboard, and moving onto a faster and more efficient approach to digital illustration.

Matching Tao of Meow’s tattoo like style, I made a second illustration depicting Helios in Chbi Usa’s golden dream mirror, surrounded by white roses as well as broaches, compacts and other items belonging to Chibi Moon.


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