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A Merry Pika Christmas

Working on “ugly” Christmas sweaters is a treat I get to enjoy every year in preparation for the holiday season. It is not an easy process but certainly a fun one, at least once you get the hang of it. This year’s theme is all about Pokemon. I had other ideas in mind for Gravity […]

Mario’s Drag Race

My friend and fellow artist Stephen Wittmaak suggested I worked on a series of Nintendo characters in Drag, with Mario dressed as Princess Peach, Link as Zelda, Sonic as Amy Rose and so on. I liked the concept a lot, and eventually talked about it with my friend George, who commented that it would be […]

Overwatch – Die Die Die

I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch since Blizzard released their new title and this was the first character I tried my hand at. Didn’t stick with Reaper for too long, but the character designs is definitely very interesting, especially his alternate skills. The Plague Doctor is definitely a favorite of mine. All artwork, literature, […]