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Never Lose Hope

Never Lose Hope by Gilles Bone

The concept for this piece came from my lovely friend and extremely talented cosplayer, Crystal Reed, who drew a Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo made of roses using a sharpie onto her wrist. She shared a photo of it with all her friends on Facebook and I was instantly inspired to try and make a […]

A Merry Pika Christmas

Working on “ugly” Christmas sweaters is a treat I get to enjoy every year in preparation for the holiday season. It is not an easy process but certainly a fun one, at least once you get the hang of it. This year’s theme is all about Pokemon. I had other ideas in mind for Gravity […]

Mario’s Drag Race

My friend and fellow artist Stephen Wittmaak suggested I worked on a series of Nintendo characters in Drag, with Mario dressed as Princess Peach, Link as Zelda, Sonic as Amy Rose and so on. I liked the concept a lot, and eventually talked about it with my friend George, who commented that it would be […]

Be My Funny Valentine

Harley Quinn has always been one of my favourite comic book characters since the years of Batman: The Animated Series. As the years roll on by, my love for her enriches beyond the crazy personality and charming outfits she has been redesigned in, in games, animated series, comics and now movies. Harley has survived a […]

Eevee Atsume

Some of my friends suggested I’d give this new cat game “Neko Atsume” a try. This smartphone/tablet game came straight out of Japan and hit the world by storm with its crazy adorable collection of kitties. It was inevitable for me to make a design out of it once I started playing, and turned to […]

Build A Bot

This idea came to me while browsing in a Build-a-Bear store in Manchester last January. I wondered what it would be like to live in the Star Wars universe and visit a Build-a-Bot store where you can build your own robot, put in whatever software you would like to use him/her for and then decorated […]

Fight Like A Jedi

Growing up to love Sailormoon, Magical Girl Creamy Mami, Candy Candy and all the beautiful bright eyed, girl-empowered shoujo I could cram into my heart and soul, I will never understand why female characters, even as protagonists, are dismissed as something lesser than their male counterparts. Even after the latest release of Disney’s and Lucas […]

Elite Starfighter Pilots

Walking into the cinema, excited to watch Star Wars The Force Awakens on premiere night, I knew I would walk out wanting to create new and different styled designs than what I usually produce. Little did I know that inspiration would wash over me like a tonne of bricks. The first couple of hours once […]

Christy Gonazales, Machmigo

Christy Gonzales, also known by her illustrator name “Machmigo” is a digital and traditional artist and writer. “I’m a lover of anime, video games, and all things nerdy. I create what I’d like to wear, and if I can get a smile or two from a design then I consider myself accomplished.” – Machmigo Machmigo […]

Mousy Moon

I’ll admit that this one has been a long time coming. Two very different classic animated female characters from east and west mashed up in a cutesy, colourful, bundle of adorable. Sailormoon’s Usagi Tsukino and Disney’s Minnie Mouse fused to create the one and only, Mousy Moon! I had been itching to work on this […]