The “Daredevil” TV Series hit Netflix just a few days ago and I have already watched all 13 episodes twice over. I could not be any more excited about this show. It is the right combination of action and drama set in a dark and gritty setting, just like the original Man Without Fear comics.

I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to pay tribute to this first season with an illustration or two. After working on my Woof City portrait commissions, I thought the style would fit perfectly for this theme. So why not try Daredevil comic covers, named after episode titles, in a Frank Miller Sin City style under the name of HELL’S KITCHEN? And that is what I did.

“Speak of the Devil” and “Rabbit in a Snowstorm” each introduce one of the two most important and pivotal characters in the series. The first; Daredevil himself, and the latter; Wilson Fisk. I took great influence and inspiration from Frank Miller’s cover art, but I feel that I have made both illustrations my own.

Speak of the Devil   Rabbit in a Snowstorm

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