Raja Gemini The GoddessI love each and every single queen that has walked down the main stage of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. However it is natural that one ties their heart to those special characters which become particularly dear to you, even after the show is over. Let’s put it this way, even though I appreciate all of them, I have my own top 4 in my mental list of Drag Race All Stars. You’ve all guessed that one of them is Kim Chi just by looking at my portfolio. But before Kim Chi, there was another queen that gave us out of the box, well planned, creative and intricately looks that made my jaw drop. And with a charming personality to boot! (lol, boot!) One of my biggest Drag Race loves, Raja Gemini.

There really aren’t words to express how much I love Raja. It would be an absolute dream to get to know her beyond her social media presence, to talk with her about art, about her sketching, about her design ideas, her journey. I’m so thoroughly fascinated by her.

This is one of Raja’s most iconic reunion looks. It has challenged me to work on a theme which is completely different to what I usually draw, and I hope the end result will do her justice.

My Diamond Crowned Queen, Raja Gemini!


UPDATE: Extremely thrilled that Raja commented on this artwork on Instagram. Such an honor to be recognized by someone you admire.

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