Working on a tablet for the very first time after spending years of doing digital art on Photoshop, equipped with only mouse and keyboard, is both exciting and terrifying. A friend of mine at work allowed me to take his Wacom Intuos 4 for a test drive, and after plugging it in, sat down and took a deep breath, I realised that I wasn’t sure how to go about using it.

However after a few minutes of playing around, my experience in traditional art kicked in and I was able to tackle the digital canvas as I would have with pen, chalk or paint. Aside from a few differences the basic concept was still the same, and after finding a nice reference photo on, I was able to put my knowledge to practice.

You can say that this is the first very piece I have ever done using a tablet, and despite some lighting mistakes and being a little bit rough around the edges, I am quite happy with the over look.

Below you will find a full view image for you to see in better detail.