12x18After drawing my first Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Coco Montrese, I was itching to put my pen to the test at sketching more Queens. With only a few days to go before my trip to the UK, I knew exactly who I was going to draw. Season 6 was without a doubt one of the best seasons of the show so far, with crazy personalities that stood out and many characters that we learned to love. One of my personal favorites was the Libra mermaid Adore Delano.

I had watched Adore’s career flourish over the past few years on Youtube after seeing her debut on American idol as Danny Noriega.

Delano and her band were going to be performing in London during my stay in Brighton, and what better way to celebrate that moment than to create an artwork, print it on t-shirt and present it to Adore herself during the show. And that is exactly what I did.

Continuing my trend of Sin City styled portraits, I started a new collection entitled Drag City. The portrait is covered in quotes Adore said on the show during season 6, and she is wearing a leather outfit designed Marco Marco.

11350696_837943286274276_66284072_nOnce the portrait was done, I sent it for printing on an all-over-t-shirt and received it in the mail. I cannot describe to you the mixture of nerves and excitement I felt while we were standing in the line-up before the gig started. I wasn’t sure if I would even get the chance to show her my design. But the right time came after one of my favorite songs “Hello, I love you.” My friends and I yelled for her attention, waving the shirt around like a flag and I lived through a few seconds of glory as she reached down for it and showed it to everyone present. She quite liked it!