The Pokesenshi was probably the very first mashup I have ever worked on, long before I had started working in the pop culture parody tee industry. The Pokemon used for the original piece where different from this one, but it was still a funny mixture of these adorable monsters dressed up as Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon. It’s been a good 7 years since I have worked on that original mash-up and I thought it was high time I revisited it and did it proper justice!

I have to admit, my favorites in this piece have to be Bulba Tux and Luna!

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One thought on “Pokesenshi

  1. Serenna (a long time fan) says:

    Ahhh, “Pretty Guardians Pokesenshi”, the most magical thing that’s ever touched my heart. It is in my NYR this year to buy this shirt! I’m gonna get it!!

    Even to this day, you’ve still left me dazzled and inspired by the original illustrations you’ve made back in 2010. I still have them! Along with the original comic pages they appeared in long before you got into the awesome industry you’re in now! Every so often, I look at them, and I also revisit the old Pokesenshi fan art and comics I made from my 7th grade days. Albeit they were really bad comics (art, plot and everything!), I can still feel the intense excitement of drawing Sailor Moon Stone and the rest of the gang. Creating Pokesenshi FCs filled my thoughts throughout my days and art processes. Those comics are ridden with comments, but someday, I want to show you how big of an impact you had on me.

    With it’s “anniversary” coming around the corner (at least when you posted the big picture, March 8th), I definitely intend to make March the “Pokesenshi month!” It was such a great crossover, and its legacy will be carried out. You’ll always be the reason why I got into posting art online with seriousness, and I’ll always be a big fan of your magnificent work. <3333

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