No More HateThe shooting at Pulse Orlando, Florida, has left me broken in ways you wouldn’t imagine, and while I didn’t have the pleasure to know any of the victims personally, this tragedy has hit very close to home for many reasons. My heart is filled with a mixture of rage, confusion and sadness. My hands and teeth are aching from all the clenching and grinding. I have tried countless times to put how I am feeling into words, but to no avail. My heart and mind feel shattered and nothing I was writing felt good enough. Instead, I thought I would do what I do best and drew a picture.

“Forget Me Not” petals for the beautiful souls that were lost but will never leave our hearts. Countless other flowers of the same kind in the background remembering those who have been taken away from us in the past all too soon due to homophobia. And last but not least, one heart, that of all our LGBT brothers, sisters and our allies, united after face such a tragedy.

Hate will not prevail. Fear will not rule our lives. Our chosen family will not be broken. We stand together, with one heart.

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