One Bad Day AwayLast Friday Netflix released season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil and needless to say I have spent the weekend in binge watching it at home from start to end. While I was more impressed with the first season last year, I quite enjoyed this one as well for different reasons. Long story short, Frank Castle, the Punisher, was perfection. This season gave us a lot more action, character development and drama, some which was organic and some which felt forced and imposed on us. Never the less, it was still great, as expected from now well reputed collaborations between Netflix and Marvel.

I have been a Daredevil fan since my early teens and what has kept me engaged was how Daredevil threaded dangerously close to becoming the villain he was so hell bent on stopping. He would have gone to any length to save his beloved Hell’s Kitchen, and the question that always loomed in his mind was where do I draw the line? This is why the quote that resounded with me the most while watching this new season is when the Punisher tells Daredevil that he is “one bad day away” from becoming just like him, a crazed killer. It does make you wonder just how far a vigilante can go before snapping and becoming the monster he or she set out of defeat.

This drawing was a doodle I did while watching the episodes. It combines both the x-ray of Frank Castle’s skull, which he later spray paints onto his chest becoming the iconic Punisher logo, and Daredevil’s mask painted on with a dripping blood effect. It is fairly self explanatory really. It’s rough, it’s gritty, it’s dark, just like the series itself.

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