I’ll admit that this one has been a long time coming. Two very different classic animated female characters from east and west mashed up in a cutesy, colourful, bundle of adorable. Sailormoon’s Usagi Tsukino and Disney’s Minnie Mouse fused to create the one and only, Mousy Moon!

thumb_36bdfb5e-692e-479b-aa2c-35b4b9cfe311I had been itching to work on this design for what feels like forever, but the talented Christy Gonzales, also known by her illustrator name Machmigo, had already tackled this subject flawlessly in her own rendition of a Sailor Moon and Mickey Mouse parody, “Moon Kingdom.” After expressing interest in making my own version of this mashup to her, despite having beaten me to the punch, Machmigo was kind enough to give me two thumbs up and her blessing in going ahead and working on a similar concept to hers, and said she was looking forward to see what I’d come up with.

“The magic of both Sailor Moon and Disney is that each appeals to a wide demographic and are loved all over the world over. It’s only natural to combine the two into a single amazing image.” – Machmigo

It was very important to me to show that despite having tackled the same subject matter, our two designs where both unique and beautiful in their own way, different to one another.

The sketch for this design was released for early viewing to my patrons of Patreon, who got to see the initial prototype in early November.

Once finished, the artwork fit really nicely on a lot of the store products, though I will confess t that I have taken a special liking to the all-over tee and tote bag, which I am excitedly waiting to receive in the mail!

Mousy Moon

Please feel free to leave any feedback about this artwork below. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed worked on it.

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