Laganja Estranja Keep It 420Miss Laganja Estranja! Yes Mama~!

I have spent the last 3 days pouring myself into this piece, and I couldn’t possibly be any happier with it. I am an avid follower of Jeffree Star on Youtube, and Miss Laganja Estranja’s appearance 2 weeks ago had me gagging on her fun, fresh and neon green 420 eleganza look. Cause as you know, if it’s ain’t green, she’s just not interested!

I loved Miss Laganja from the moment she walked and dead dropped into the workroom. Not only did she give us (in my opinion) the most iconic Ru Pauls Drag Race entrance to date (followed by the wonderful Shangela  of course) but her crazily awesome personality left me thoroughly entertained. I’m crazy. I love crazy.

A couple of weeks ago, the fine team of Huntees met Miss Laganja at Austin Drag Fest, and that, as well as my working with the fabulous, one and only Alyssa Edwards, sparked this mighty need in me to creating something extra special for this fantastic queen~.

I will be pitching this design through Huntees in hopes to make it an official shirt.


UPDATE: Miss Laganja seems to have enjoyed my artwork! Immensely flattered by her follow back on Instagram.

Please feel free to leave any feedback about this artwork below.

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