Picasso ChiAs an artist, it is very important for us to step out of our comfort zone ever so often and try to work on something completely differet than what we are used to. After the last episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Kim Chi inspired me to try and work on a Picasso like cubism styled portrait of her Neon Couture runway look.

Despite it’s simplicity, it was quite the learning experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself trying to replicate the style of such a well known master of the arts.

I truly hope that Kim Chi likes this painting I did of her, and surely will not be the last piece I do in this style.

I am now waiting for a sample all-over-print t shirt I ordered for myself with this print and hoping it does the artwork justice so I can share some snap shots of the end result with you all.

UPDATE: Kim Chi surprised me with a repost of this painting to her fans on instagram and followed me back, which needless to say, really made me all bubbly inside. Thank you Kim Chi.

Please feel free to leave any feedback about this artwork below.

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