Design trends come and go, but “Greetings from” postcards are ones that are here to stay. Many artists have dabbled in their own version of this style, practicing on their favourite fandoms, and I have decided to give it a shot through a small series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Equestria locations.

The full set is planned to include:-

  • Greetings from Canterlot featuring Princess Luna
  • Greetings from the Crystal Empire featuring Princess Cadance
  • Greetings from Sweet Apple Acres featuring Applejacks
  • Greetings from Cloudsdale featuring Rainbow Dash and/or Fluttershy
  • Greetings from Ponyville featuring Pinkie Pie
  • Greetings from Manhattan featuring Rarity
  • Greetings from Equestria featuring Twilight Sparkle

Up to now I have only managed to finish two from the set, but I hope to find the time to get the rest done as well. The “Greetings from Canterlot” design has a variant version featuring Nightmare Moon, while the “Greetings from Sweet Apple Acres” has a variant version featuring Applejack’s brother, Big Mac.

Greetings from Canterlot Princess Luna     Greetings from Canterlot Nightmare Moon

Greetings from Sweet Apple Acres Big Mac     Greetings from Sweet Apple Acres Applejack

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