Fight Like A GirlGrowing up to love Sailormoon, Magical Girl Creamy Mami, Candy Candy and all the beautiful bright eyed, girl-empowered shoujo I could cram into my heart and soul, I will never understand why female characters, even as protagonists, are dismissed as something lesser than their male counterparts.

Even after the latest release of Disney’s and Lucas Films “Star Wars The Force Awakens,” the internet had to rally together because the main character of movie, Rey, was left out from a variety of merchandise. Both toy companies as well as the movie’s marketing department excused this behaviour by explaining that they thought “she wouldn’t sell as well,” being a girl.

Considering the world has decided to collectively take a stand against discrimination, it is quite surprising that we are faced with such narrow-mindedness in something so exquisite as nerdom.

Bugger all that. I loved Rey. This is Rey and she fights like a girl!

Please feel free to leave any feedback below. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed worked on it.

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