Drag Race Manila Luzon Love or hate “the Heathers,” Manila is a personality that shined far beyond her season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, a feat not many have accomplished past the initial seasons of the show. Not only did she win my heart further with her appearances on Drag U but also brings as smile to my face everytime I see her on interviews or a World of Wonder videos on YouTube.

As I planned my composition for her appearance in my Drag City series, I knew that I needed to have 2 key components that always stood out to me in Manila’s photographs. The first would be her black hair with a white streak, something completely different from all the looks I’ve done so far and definitely iconic to Manila. The second, a crazy facial expression. It could read that she just witness something horrifying in the “Drag City,” or that she’s having a coo-coo moment! I love the various facial expressions she does in her selfies on Instagram. She pulls them off so perfectly and have become a part of the character that is Manila.

Please feel free to leave any feedback about this artwork below.

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