Drag City Laila Mc QueenDespite her short stay on Season 8 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Miss Laila Mc Queen made an everlasting impression as the underdog of the competition. She was the punk girl among polished queens, the one that went away far too soon.

When I saw her appearance during the season premiere event, I just knew I had to capture this portrait of her sporting this exceptionally original corset. #DidItForTheCorset! Haha, I’m only poking fun of course, but I truly love the creativity behind using doll heads on her corsets, which seems to be a trend in her looks. The rhinestone covered cherub faces provoke a wide spectrum of reactions, bring glam and creepy dangerously close together. In other words, it is the perfect look for my Drag City comic cover collection.

I hope she gets to see this piece and that it will remind her what a fierce queen she is in our eyes.

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