Cookie CatI was asked to watch Steven Universe the first week it aired by some of my followers and friends. I was told over and over how much I would love it and be impressed with it, and only at the beginning of this year did I finally cave in and gave it a try. My thoughts about it? What have I been missing out on!?!?

I don’t plan on sitting through a review right about now, but I was absolutely blown away by this show. I am thoroughly obsessed with it.

When I watched the very first episode, right off the bat I knew I would be working on this design. After following the trend of cereal box cover art for so long, how could I not do a family pack package design for Cookie Cat? It was screaming out to me throughout the entire episode, and months later I had the chance to make it happen. I think it was well worth the wait. The challenge with this design was to try and make it look as “Steven-Universesque” as possible, including the background, which while looks simple was a huge challenge to replicate.

So here it is, Cookie Cat!


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