If you have followed my journey thus far, you will know that most of what I learned came from other artists, other people’s work and by following tutorials on Youtube. The will to learn, lots of practice and not giving up are the key to success in mastering any craft. However sometimes that is just not quite enough and we need to ask for help to someone who has already grasped a certain technique, or request critique from an artist who can review our portfolio or a particular piece of work without any bias.

As of August of 2015 I have started taking Skype calls from artists around the world asking questions about everything art related. Weather you would like to discuss inking, coloring, shading, overall illustration composition or just a general review of a particular piece you are working on, I will help to the best of my abilities.

How do we get started?

Aside from exciting motivation and your will to learn, you will need a few things in order to get started. Most importantly you will need a computer or tablet connected with a good broadband internet connection. You will also need a working headset with a clear sounding microphone and Skype.

Why Skype?

Everybody is familiar with Skype. It provides a solid and reliable video call service free of charge. Go to the Skype webpage to download their software and create a free account.

Duration and Cost?

The sessions are one hour long and cost $29 USD each. If a client decides they want to become a regular weekly student, we can discuss a payment plan at a reduced fee depending on how many sessions they plan on taking.

Sign me up!

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