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Portrait – Woof City, Coco Montrese

Ru Paul’s Drag Race has become a new TV obsession of mine. And after binge watching 7 seasons in just a few weeks, I was both taken by surprise and extremely flattered to be asked to draw season 5 contestant Coco Montrese as part of the Woof City project. For this portrait I took inspiration […]

Portrait – Woof City, FJ Briers

After posting George Unda’s Woof City portrait, “United Bears of Color” representative Fred James Briers approached me to create a set of illustrations for their upcoming event. He enjoyed the concept of my previous portrait so much that he even asked if they could use the name “Woof City” for the event, giving it an […]

Portrait – Woof City, George Unda

In the past few months I have had the pleasure of getting to know George Unda through many interesting conversations over Facebook, and what started out as a star struck fascination has quickly turned into a lovely friendship. During one of our many conversations I learned that we shared a favorite movie in common, so I […]

Portrait – Shawn and Rick Fowler

On October of 2014, my friends Shawn and Rick Fowler were finally allowed to fulfill their wish and be united as a family. The love between these two wonderful people is one for books and movies. It genuinely fills my heart with so much joy knowing that in this day and age the world is […]

Portrait – Shawn Fowler

If Funshine Bear from the Care Bear series had been to put on this earth in human form, that man would be called Shawn Fowler. With his radiant smile, deeply expressive eyes and charmingly upbeat personality Shawn has managed to turn my day around many times with just a few words and a lot of […]

Portrait – J. Julian Christopher

Bulk is the story of Leo, a husky bearish man who after a long social hibernation, returns to the dating scene and has to deal with his self-loathing ex and a new fling with too many secrets.  I had the honour to chat and discuss this web-series in detail, shortly after I had finished binge […]

Portrait – Il Pensatore

Working on a tablet for the very first time after spending years of doing digital art on Photoshop, equipped with only mouse and keyboard, is both exciting and terrifying. A friend of mine at work allowed me to take his Wacom Intuos 4 for a test drive, and after plugging it in, sat down and […]