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My original art work.

Portrait – Woof City, Nacho and Alvaro, Valentine Bears

Woof City, Nacho and Alvaro, Valentine Bears

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and this was the first one that left me a little bitter. Do not worry; it was for other not-so-obvious personal reasons. I’m quite happily single and in the ongoing process of building a decent relationship with myself. Something many of us ignore. Shuffling through an ocean of Facebook […]

One Heart

The shooting at Pulse Orlando, Florida, has left me broken in ways you wouldn’t imagine, and while I didn’t have the pleasure to know any of the victims personally, this tragedy has hit very close to home for many reasons. My heart is filled with a mixture of rage, confusion and sadness. My hands and […]

Smells Like Zombie Feet

This fun design takes the cake for most creative commission this year thus far, though still not as adorably strange as the “Robot Onion Bear” I was asked to draw last year! HITEK, a gaming website based in France, wanted these creepy cute zombie feet to be released on flip flops in one of there […]

Unleash Your Inner Beast

This adrenaline pumped design is part of the FURociTEE sports collection and is ideal as a gym t-shirt or an motivational poster to give you that extra push! It comes in a variation of 3 colors, red on black, black on red and the original look I was going for, purple on gold. Please feel […]

Simply Owlicious

This design has been shelved for quite some time now. No matter how much I looked at it, it always felt somehow unfinished. Still, I have to say I quite like this little cupcake fellow, which I am currently calling Owlicious. Despite the uncomplicated design work, he’s all sorts of sugary adorable, and I’m quite […]

Beast Mode Engaged

I may be anything but a gym-rat. I may eat healthily, go for long walks on a regular basis, but I cannot get myself into a gym more than 5 times a year. Never the less, the motivational designs on gym-wear has always fascinated me. The kind of quotes that inspire you to better yourself […]

The Big Bearooski

I started working on this design before I had even dreamed of FURociTEE and working on an entire collection of bear themed illustrations. The tagline of “strong, sweet and slightly nutty” had popped up in a hilarious conversation with a friend over Facebook and we determine that it would make for a good design, still […]