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Never Lose Hope

Never Lose Hope by Gilles Bone

The concept for this piece came from my lovely friend and extremely talented cosplayer, Crystal Reed, who drew a Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo made of roses using a sharpie onto her wrist. She shared a photo of it with all her friends on Facebook and I was instantly inspired to try and make a […]

Forget Everything That You Think You Know

The teaser trailer for Doctor Strange has hit the internet earlier this week and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I am so excited for it, words cannot even express the feels. So looking forward to get another non-mainstream Marvel superhero movie and with such a great cast. Benedict Cumberbatch AND Tilda Swinton, need […]

Heroic Frenemies

Following the heart warming positive response I got for my sketchy Daredevil meets the Punisher skull blood design “One Bad Day Away,” I decided to do something of a similar vibe depicting Ironman and Captain America. I have to admit that the motivation behind this was so I can have something in theme to wear […]

Got Wood?

The Deadpool movie was incredibly well portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, and was truly the most loyal-to-the-book character I have seen in a long time. As I walked out of the theatre, still in stitches laughing, I was already wrecking my brain trying to decide which of the many ideas that popped into brain during the […]


In anticipation of the Deadpool movie, I was doodling around while watching various trailers and teasers when this masked furry friend was created. I mean, the Deapool Corp has seen quite the array of strange characters in it’s ranks, so why not a cat? This design might not be much, but something about that sinister […]

Build A Bot

This idea came to me while browsing in a Build-a-Bear store in Manchester last January. I wondered what it would be like to live in the Star Wars universe and visit a Build-a-Bot store where you can build your own robot, put in whatever software you would like to use him/her for and then decorated […]

Fight Like A Jedi

Growing up to love Sailormoon, Magical Girl Creamy Mami, Candy Candy and all the beautiful bright eyed, girl-empowered shoujo I could cram into my heart and soul, I will never understand why female characters, even as protagonists, are dismissed as something lesser than their male counterparts. Even after the latest release of Disney’s and Lucas […]

Pepe Le Pew Pew

It started out as a “Pew Pew” post on Facebook, and in the midst of entertaining comments and banter about the new movie, someone’s reply simply offered “Pepe Le?” I almost fell off my chair in tears laughing, and was quick to stop everything I was doing and start sketching what evolved into a fun […]

Elite Starfighter Pilots

Walking into the cinema, excited to watch Star Wars The Force Awakens on premiere night, I knew I would walk out wanting to create new and different styled designs than what I usually produce. Little did I know that inspiration would wash over me like a tonne of bricks. The first couple of hours once […]


Despite being before my time I always admired the Star Wars franchise for the immense accomplishment in becoming such a pop culture titan and earning the love of entire generations of science fiction aficionados despite being created in an era with no CGI, using only basic filming tools and relying solely on script, acting and […]