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The Pokesenshi was probably the very first mashup I have ever worked on, long before I had started working in the pop culture parody tee industry. The Pokemon used for the original piece where different from this one, but it was still a funny mixture of these adorable monsters dressed up as Sailor Senshi from […]

Girls Are The New Heroes

I’ll admit I don’t usually do fan-logo designs, but I seem to make an exception for Sailor Moon every time. The first one being Dunkin Donuts inspired and now Orange is the New Black. It is pretty self explanatory. All artwork, literature, etc. on this blog are the property of Gilles Bone and their credited creators. […]

The Legend of Serenity

This design has been sitting on my computer for a little bit over a year now. I finally managed to rework the idea to a point that I am happy enough with it to share it with everyone. This “Legend of Zelda” meets “Sailor Moon” parody was originally started by fellow independent artist Chase Alexander, […]

Mousy Moon

I’ll admit that this one has been a long time coming. Two very different classic animated female characters from east and west mashed up in a cutesy, colourful, bundle of adorable. Sailormoon’s Usagi Tsukino and Disney’s Minnie Mouse fused to create the one and only, Mousy Moon! I had been itching to work on this […]

Descent of the Moon Princess

I have recently been feeling lost, helplessly drowning in the darkness of my fears. Doubting myself, my capabilities, my work, questioning some decisions in my past and afraid to face my future. “Descent of the Moon Princess” portrays the spirit of Princess Serenity being cast away from the war struck court of the Silver Millennium […]

Three Great Monkeys

Despite having been a huge Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z fan for many years, I still hadn’t done any designs based the anime until very recently. I have started quite a few but never finished any of them. Three Great Monkeys in a triple mash up combo, meeting Dragon Ball Z’s Oozaru with the […]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Sailormoon’s Usagi Tsukino wrapped in the magic of Mickey Mouse’s Fantasia in this collaborative design with the amazing talent that is Vincent Batignole. All artwork, literature, etc. on this blog are the property of Gilles Bone and their credited creators. You are kindly asked not take any works from this blog for your personal use […]

Hello Flash

After the great success that was my “Hello Moon” series, I decided to give another Hello Kitty crossover a try. Truth be told I have many ideas for characters to Hello Kitty-ify, but I have to work on one at a time! This is none other than DC Comics’ The Flash and Reverse Flash, featuring […]

File Island

With Jurassic World just weeks away, artists across the globe are making their own parodies of the classic Jurassic Park logo mixed with their favourite fandoms. Inspired, I also gave it a shot. At first I thought the best Digimon to go with would be Skullgreymon. A no brainer really since he is the one […]

Mighty Morphing Moon Ranger

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers was a childhood favourite of mine. The “Super Sentai” Japanese superhero team show featured live action characters and colorful special effects, mainly aimed at children. But those of us who grew up on these tokusatsu productions will always find a certain timelessness to these crazy heroes. This is a small series […]