Having a following of people who are eager to see what your next piece of art or literature is going to be is hard to cultivate but extremely rewarding. It gives motivation. It fuels your own passion for what you do and helps you believe in yourself. It is certainly something to both be proud of and thankful for.

Yet however the journey of an artist does not end there.

It is our duty as artists and writers in such a competitive digital era not to blend in the background. We also cannot mistake a fleeting moment of fame due to one or two pieces of work going vital with having made it and able to rest easy.

This industry is a constant competition against countless of equally and more often than not more talented individuals than ourselves. We need to show that we are ready to evolve, to improve, to give to the public what it needs. And those with refined talent give the public what it is still unaware of needing.

My next step is to widen my exposure to more than just my Facebook Page and Instagram, and I intend to do this by working harder of my web-presence be it on deviantART and now Patreon.

What is Patreon?


Patreon is a fairly new website, very similar to Kickstarter. Instead of offering support to one project, you are contributing an ongoing monetary backing to any artist of your choosing. In return that artist will send you rewards depending on the tier you chose to participate in.

I have chosen to give rewards for each digital painting that I work on hence forth. This also means that those who are interesting in signing up for my Patreon will be making a small monetary contribution to every painting I release through the program and in return will receive a set of rewards related to that artwork. This includes but is not limited to sketches, work in progress photos, the finished painting, Photoshop files, video tutorials and much more.

You can read through the various tiers I have set up and find out how you can become involved by checking out my Patreon Profile here.

Thank you for reading.