Boba's Phat BeatzI’ve always nurtured a great fascination for the look sported by the well known group Daft Punk. Their LED covered helmets are both original and very iconic to their work. I wanted to try my hand at something similar, something shiny, flashy and punk.

Jango's Phat BeatzWhen it comes to iconic helmets it is hard not to think of the Star Wars series. Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers need no introduction. Even those who have never watched the movies can immediately recognise the franchise. However I decided to go with a certain fan favourite bounty hunter instead.

Mix Boba Fett’s helmet with an added pair of DJ headphones, crazy LED lights and an 80 funk colour scheme and you have yourself Boba’s Phat Beatz!

A variant version of this design shows the helmet in the colours of Jango Fett, replacing the green with silver and the pink with blue.

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