Kim Chi, Black and White Couture

It’s been quite a while since I tackled a piece the same way I would have traditionally on canvas. Sitting down and planning each bit in detail until I have a clear picture of the overall composition before diving head-first into it. After my previous experiment with the Picasso’s cubism piece, I wanted to try […]

Bob the Drag Queen for President

Many have found their hearts broken at the end of this week’s episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race as it saw another one of the internet’s fan favorites sashay away. Still, regardless of heartache and my being moved to tears when Kim Chi had a very emotional moment on stage, Bob the Drag Queen still turned […]

Forget Everything That You Think You Know

The teaser trailer for Doctor Strange has hit the internet earlier this week and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I am so excited for it, words cannot even express the feels. So looking forward to get another non-mainstream Marvel superhero movie and with such a great cast. Benedict Cumberbatch AND Tilda Swinton, need […]

Heroic Frenemies

Following the heart warming positive response I got for my sketchy Daredevil meets the Punisher skull blood design “One Bad Day Away,” I decided to do something of a similar vibe depicting Ironman and Captain America. I have to admit that the motivation behind this was so I can have something in theme to wear […]

Paradise, Not For Me

This has been a very heavy week for Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The episode everyone seemed to be waiting for, “Snatch Game,” brought with it so many mixed emotions. Some dislikes the character impersonations even I though Michael Jackson, Kimmy Jong Un and Uzo Aduba were on point. Some didn’t like the similar runway looks […]


I have to admit that I took Acid Betty’s elimination from Ru Paul’s Drag Race this past week quite to heart. I didn’t watch the Untucked episode, any of my favorite YouTube reviews or “Fashion Photo Review” until days later. It just really bummed me out to know one of my favorites had been sent […]

Kim Chi, Neon Couture

As an artist, it is very important for us to step out of our comfort zone ever so often and try to work on something completely differet than what we are used to. After the last episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Kim Chi inspired me to try and work on a Picasso like cubism […]

Pretty In Pink

We are 4 episodes into this season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Well, 8 if you count the Untucked episodes separately, and I still for the life of me cannot understand how Acid Betty can be seen as the villain of the season. I can see why some would be salty about what she has […]


This season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race is full of interesting characters. Each one offers and represents something different and unique, despite how polished they are or how soon they are sent sashaying away. Having said that, one that has been really tugging at our heart strings and has managed to stand out during every […]

Hell’s Kitchen, Penny and Dime

While the thing that bothered me the most in season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil was the absurdly forced relationship between Matt Murdock and Karen Paige, all done to favor the original comics and pave the way for pre-written events, what I enjoyed most was the organic chemistry Paige had with Frank Castle. The build up […]