Drag City, Pandora Boxx

Pandora Boxx has sasheyed her way into Drag City and she is here to stay! I had so much fun with this one. Needless to say that skirt took the longest time to figure out, as well as the frills on the top of the corset. But I’m really happy with how the overall cabaret/burlesque […]

Drag City, Bob the Drag Queen

Season 8 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race has introduced to us a new comedy Queen whom won our hearts from the very beginning, right from the “Meet the Queens” video. Bob the Drag Queen, a Queen for the people. This is the second artwork I have done depicting our reigning Queen, the first being the […]

Drag City, Manila Luzon

Love or hate “the Heathers,” Manila is a personality that shined far beyond her season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, a feat not many have accomplished past the initial seasons of the show. Not only did she win my heart further with her appearances on Drag U but also brings as smile to my face […]

Drag City, Katya

Katya has an explosive personality with charm to sell, and capturing that in a portrait can be tricky. At first I was torn between trying to bring out that quirky, crazy side of her or show her elegant sexy persona instead. Then I recalled just how stunning I thought she was walking into the Ru Paul’s Drag […]

Drag City, Sharon Needles

Sharon Needles is one of those rare gems that took an art form (drag) and pushed the envelope into breaking it’s stereotypes and creating an entirely new relevant subculture of it. I’m sure spooky drag has been around prior to Sharon, but she is now a staple of that genre. She made it current and […]

Kim Chi, Evil Princess Couture

I started this piece before the Grand Finale of Ru Paul’s Drag Race last Monday. I had hoped to finish it over the weekend, but sadly it was not possible. This piece shows Kim Chi in her Best Drag Runway, Evil Princess Couture. “The Magnificent Maleficent,” as well described by the wonderful Carson Kressley. It […]

Raja Gemini, The Goddess

I love each and every single queen that has walked down the main stage of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. However it is natural that one ties their heart to those special characters which become particularly dear to you, even after the show is over. Let’s put it this way, even though I appreciate all of […]

Laganja Estranja, Keep It 420!

Miss Laganja Estranja! Yes Mama~! I have spent the last 3 days pouring myself into this piece, and I couldn’t possibly be any happier with it. I am an avid follower of Jeffree Star on Youtube, and Miss Laganja Estranja’s appearance 2 weeks ago had me gagging on her fun, fresh and neon green 420 […]

Smells Like Zombie Feet

This fun design takes the cake for most creative commission this year thus far, though still not as adorably strange as the “Robot Onion Bear” I was asked to draw last year! HITEK, a gaming website based in France, wanted these creepy cute zombie feet to be released on flip flops in one of there […]

Always and Forever, Alyssa Edwards

I will never be able to describe how stoked I was to get a commission request from the one and only Alyssa Edwards. She asked for a catchy, super big and cartoony design which she could put on her merchandise at Ru Paul’s DragCon. It had to be fun, it had to be FIERCE, it […]