Be My Funny Valentine

Harley Quinn has always been one of my favourite comic book characters since the years of Batman: The Animated Series. As the years roll on by, my love for her enriches beyond the crazy personality and charming outfits she has been redesigned in, in games, animated series, comics and now movies.

Harley has survived a deadly, noxious relationship. She has been in love with a toxic man who has manipulated her, using her feelings for him in order to further his own agenda, then discarding her whenever it suited him. And while she endured, survived and walked away, while she has moved onto being her own person, her own character, a part of her will always be attached to him. A part of her will always be burned, damaged and broken cause of what he did to her.

Time heals, but some scars never go away.

This piece leaves you wondering, as you look at Harley’s face. Is she smiling? Is she forcing her smile? Are her eyes wide with joy, or alert and aware? Whatever the case, she is the one in control now. Harley Quinn is no one’s puppet.

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