Apple JacksThe trend of pop-culture breakfast cereal boxes has swept the tee industry lately, and I wanted to give it a go myself. I received many suggestions to design more My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic designs, and decided to combine the two.

FabulosThe first was “Apple Jacks“. This was a no-brainer mash-up between the Kellogg’s cereal Apple Jacks with the high spirited farmhand pony of a similar name. Applejack stars at the centre of this illustration with a replica of her “Honesty” Element of Harmony inside each package. The design was very well received, both by the Brony community as well as the shirt-a-day site industry, and many encouraged for a full series of pony cereals.

Rainbow DropsNext was “Fabulos.” This box design was not inspired by any particular brand or product, but instead I tried to create something new that well represented the magnificent and vane unicorn Rarity, her love for sparkly gems, and her grumpy and obnoxious cat Opalescence.

Rainbow Drops” was inspired by a sugar coated puffed maize and rice snack I used to eat as a child. What better type of cereal for someone as hyperactive and full of energy as the one and only Rainbow Dash? The design required a more dynamic posture, but the greater challenge was to not skip over the screen-printing requirement of a 6 colour limit.

Luna PopsLast but not least came “Luna Pops.” This design, inspired by the Kellogg’s cereal Corn Pops, features Princess Luna. Unlike the other My Little Pony illustrations in the same set, the toy inside is not an Element of Harmony, but Luna’s half of the Equestrian Charm. Luna Pops has been very well received by the community and went on to win a competition by

I am unsure if I will be working on any more designs in this set, but the journey with this collection has indeed been lovely.



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