Greetings! My name is Gilles Bone and I am a 29 year old independent artist from the island of Malta. I live in the beach-front town of Sliema with my plethora of plush toys and action figures, and spend my days at my computer doodling and drawing.

Every since I was a child I have fostered a passion for animation and illustration. I spent hours studying numerous cartoon shows, anime and Disney movies, amazed by the mystifying power of those colourful figures narrating the story.

Later on in the years I found that drawing and reproducing those same dazzling images from my TV screen onto paper to be quite therapeutic and soothing for me. It helped me deal both with a tragic loss in the family and many years of bullying in school.

Throughout middle school and college, I enrolled in various courses studying traditional art be it still life, figure drawing and landscapes, using different media such as oil pastels, charcoal, chalk, inks and more. Art turned into a journey of self exploration. A way how to channel my thoughts and feelings through whichever medium I was using. The more I learned, the further I grew to love it.

Unfortunately growing up surrounded by island mentality, I was always told that I had no hope of making a career in cartoon and anime illustration. Art teachers, guidance councillors, close friends and family alike all encouraged me to pursue art as a hobby but not as a means of livelihood. Yet against all odds I have spent all these years since the day I left collage in 2007 doing my best to prove those same odds wrong.

In 2012 my first t-shirt illustration was put on sale, curated by the kind and sweet Ashley Hay and printed on Since then I have kept a solid internet presence through my work and have been printed by many other sites such as Teefury, Qwertee, Ript Apparel, The Yetee and many more. I have also had the opportunity to meet some amazing people such as voice actors Linda Ballantyne (the voice of Sailor Moon) Toby Proctor (the voice of Tuxedo Mask) Kathy Griffin (the voice of Sailor Mars) Susan Roman (the voice of Sailor Jupiter) and Paul Eiding (voices of Max Tennyson from Ben10 and Colonel Roy Campbell from the Metal Gear series), the extremely talented comic book artist Giuseppe Cafaro, and the equally fantastic Alison Read and Pauline French.

I look back and thank all those who have helped me get to the point I am today, and looking forward I cannot help but feel excited to what the future has in store for me and my work.